The Standout

a career prep blog for college students by a college student


Hello everyone!

iamjulias. I am Julia S.

In other words, my name is Julia Smith. I’m a student at James Madison University studying communication (public relations) and media arts and design (journalism).

As a sophomore-almost-junior looking to one day get a job in public relations, I am constantly thinking about the future and my entrance into the professional world.

The Standout is a career advice blog project for my news reporting class, but it’s more than that. This is a place where I will report my research on career topics because I want to be prepared when I apply for my first internship/job.

I want you to be prepared as well.

I am no expert on anything career related, but I want to learn. So, check back here to find career advice from a college student written for fellow college students. You can also check out The Standout’s Facebook page for reminders about my latest article or Twitter for more interesting career advice.